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cyst in breast

A: There is absolutely no way to tell if a lump is a fluid filled cyst or a solid mass. And anyone who tells you different is a fool.

The only way to tell is by a mamogram and/or ultrasound. The image, shape, size, echo, etc will tell if it is suspicious or not. If it is, a biopsy will be done (and there are different types… core, fine needle, etc).

Anytime a lump is found, it MUST get investigated.

Q: Breast Cyst Surgery Suggestion?
I have a relative tat is diagnosed with breast cyst about 16mm. Wat r the surgeries tat can be done to remove the cyst? Heard that it is painful as the tube will be inserted thru the armpit area to where the cyst is and suck them out, which usually will cause bruises on the whole breast. Has anyone done tat before? Please advise the type of surgery tat u have been thru. Need to stay in hospital?

A: I have a friend who has been diagnosed with this problem too. That was many years back.
She was being referred to KK women’s hospital and had the cyst
removed. It was a day surgery, ie she is being admitted and discharged
on the say day.
The doctor will inform the patient whether the cyst is a benign or malignant after the operation to ensure it is not cancerous.

Q: Is tumors in the breast and cyst cause from the orth evra patch?
A year ago I had surgery to remove a cyst. I also found out last March that I had a tumor in my breast but it wasnt cancerous. After hearing about deaths and other health caused by the patch, I started thinking thats what caused these cyst and tumors. Has anyone else had these problems? Please help!

A: I have heard that is a side effect. Ask your doctor.

Q: My girlfriend thinks she has a cyst on her breast?
It’s just below her left breast. Dark reddish and blue in color. She thought it was a pimple at first, popped it, and a thick solid yellowish white matter came out. It filled back up within a couple minutes, and she popped it again, and has since filled up yet again.

Her family has a history of breast cancer, not every female, but there have been some cases. Please give us any insight to what this could be and what we need to do about it!

A: Tell her to go to a doctor. Don’t be popping it or moving it around, it could most likely rupture something.
When a lump forms on a part of the body which has a very soft tissue/soft skin i.e Breast, eyelid etc.. the best thing to do is not fool around with it and just get it professionally looked at.

Q: Anyone every have a cyst in their breast?
For the past two night I have had a tingling sensation in my right breast while I have been sleeping. I did my breast exam and felt no lumps but near the bottom of my breast it is very tender when I touch it.

Has anyone else had something similiar?

I don’t think it is breast cancer because I’m on 32 and have no family history of the disease. (I know it is still possilbe though.)
I can’t be pregnant because in March I had a hysterectomy.

Any other ideas? TY.

A: You need to have it checked. Since you found something that wasn’t there before, better to safe than sorry. I’ve had fibroid tumors removed. They were not cancerous, but later on in life they found a cancerous one. So keep an open mind.

Q: Ha sanyone had a cyst in their breast?
I have a large one in my right breast. I think my period is coming bc i am getting a sharp shooting pain in the cyst. This doesnt normally happen but i just got off birth control and should/hopefully be expecting my period soon. Has anyone ever gotten a cyst drained with a needle?? The doc tried to drain mine when i was there but i freaked out and wouldnt let him. He said its okay. Should i get it drained?? Will the pain go away after my period?

A: A breast cyst is a fluid-filled sac (like a tiny balloon) inside the breast. Breast cysts are common in women. They can cause a little pain, but they are usually benign (noncancerous). In breast cyst aspiration, your doctor uses a small needle to drain fluid from a cyst. A breast lump that you can feel might hurt or make you worry about cancer. Breast cyst aspiration can help your doctor find out if the lump you feel is a cyst or a tumor. Aspiration gives you this information right away, so you don’t have to wait for the results of a mammogram or an ultrasound exam.

Your doctor might numb your skin first. Then, your doctor will insert a small needle into the breast lump. He or she may use an ultrasound to get a better picture of the lump. Using a syringe, your doctor will try to drain fluid from the lump. If the lump is a cyst that contains watery fluid, and the cyst goes away after it is drained, you will not need other tests.

If the lump contains bloody fluid, your doctor will send the fluid to a lab to find out what it is. If the lump is solid, your doctor may need to remove a tiny bit of the lump and send it to a lab to be examined. At the lab, the fluid or sample from the lump can be examined under a microscope or a biopsy is done to look if there are cancer cells. Please ensure that the biopsy is done so that even if there is nothing wrong you will be relieved of the worries. Best wishes -

Q: I have a 3 mm breast cyst for 2 years… it now started hurting more and in a different spot – help.?
Thanks to all of you who are concerned out there… We have been checking the cyst every 6 months with both mammography, and ultrasound… this is how we know it is 3 mm. Just had it checked 2 months ago and am due in 4 more months, but it just started hurting yesterday and thought I’d ask the wider community. Thanks again for your very kind words everyone – the supportive atmosphere here is fantastic.

A: call your doctor immediately to have it checked, it might be cancer or something else. Make an appointment TODAY. Do it before it’s too late, and sorry but I just have to say this.

When you see bumps on your breasts that do not go away within some days or weeks why didn’t you go to the doctor earlier? Do people really lack common sense nowadays? It’s for your own health, go make an appointment and do it today.

Q: Has anyone had an irregular cyst in the breast?
I am waiting to see a specialist. This was found by accident and is 9×4mm pear shaped and has low level echoes from the ultrasound results. The other lump I found was checked and is believed to be benign. Im wondering if anyone has had something like this and what the results were.

A: I have, and it scared the **** out of me! I thought that was it for me, for sure. Thankfully, it turned out to be just a cyst, even though I would have sworn otherwise. Mine also was pear-shaped, there was absolutely no pain with it, and it felt deep in my breast tissue. Don’t obsess over it, love, though I know that’s hard. Your other lump is believed to be benign, and it’s probably the same for this one, too. I had 3 of them, the other two being a bit smaller, and it all turned out fine. I’m sure yours will, too.

Q: How common is it for a woman to have a Cyst in her breast?
What is the solution?

A: Sometimes it can be fibroid and a result of too much caffenine. Get a mamogram ASAP! That is the best assessment of breast nodules. If it is truly a cyst– they can use a long needle and local pain killer to aspirate the cyst and get the fluid out.

Please see the Susan G Komen website for breats health information.

Q: How can you be sure a cyst in your breast isn’t cancerous?
Has anyone had any experiences?

A: the only way to really be sure a cyst in your breast isn’t cancerous is to have a biopsy.

Otherwise you are playing a guessing game… and breast cancer isn’t something you want to fool around with.

Q: can iodex ointment or organic iodine cure cyst in the breast?
canthepaste when applied to the skin,lessen the lump in a few months or so?

A: Possibly.
An iodine deficiency has been linked to such a condition.
Try it. It won’t do any harm.

I just had an infection in my nose that was developing into a boil inside one nostril. I added Lugol’s Solution [iodine] to the water I drank for 2 days and took 1000mg of vitamin C an hour for 2 days and the infection is more than 99% gone. Not related to what you are asking about but wanted to share it anyway.
Iodine is another interesting supplement to reduce hormonal breast symptoms. This idea is still fairly controversial. The logic behind it relates to iodine use in Asian countries and lower incidence of breast cancer. Seaweed is a great food source but remember that thyroid issues are tricky. If you know you have a thyroid issue, please work with your healthcare provider.

There is a whole book on the subject. Breast Cancer and Iodine: How to Prevent and How to Survive Breast Cancer by Dr. David Derry M.D., Ph.D.

Studies on the issue are as follows:

Is iodine a gatekeeper of the integrity of the mammary gland? J Mammary Gland Biol Neoplasia. 2005 Apr;10(2):189-96. Aceves C, Anguiano B, Delgado G.

This article is a review of the literature around iodine. It sites it as a antioxidant and an antiproliferative agent (controls growth). It refers to research showing that iodine slowing and stopping cancer growth in the cell cultures. It also refers to the asian countries with lower rates of breast cancer and benign breast diseases. With the above information, if there is something that blocks iodine in the breast, this could lead to a deficiency of iodine.

Often iodine literature refers to selenium deficiency as well. These will become more clear over time as more research is done. Dr. Derry is the expert and you can contact him if you want to learn more. Here is a link to an article he wrote that explains his theory:

Even among the naturopathic community, the jury is still out about this evidence. Discuss this one with your healthcare provider.

Q: Breast cyst…keeps coming back???
Hi im 16 years old and i have a cyst on my right breast its red and it hurts. Before i had a cyst in my left breast and it was removed. The cyst keeps coming back i dont know what it is

A: OK! you had one removed you might have to have it removed.

Q: Breast cyst?
I had a ultrasound done yesterday and the ultrasound showed a 6mm cyst in my right breast at 10 o’clock. The report also says dense fibroglandular tissue in both breasts. What does this mean and does anyone know whether this 6mm cyst is considered big or small and what the likely treatment would be for this?

I’m seeing my doctor on Monday to discuss the results but in the meantime just wondered whether there was anyone else that may have experienced this before?

Incase anyone asks, I’m 26 and only had the ultrasound, they didn’t think a mammogram would be helpful at my age.

A: Dense fibroglandular tissue is exactly the kind of tissue that we would expect to see in a young woman. This dense tissue makes it difficult to get an accurate mammogram, and this is why we do not do mammograms on young women. Dense tissue appears white on the x-ray film….and so do all signs of breast cancer (both masses/lumps or calcifications). You cannot see white pathology through white, dense tissue. It is like trying to see a white volleyball in a the snow in a photograph. As we get older, this dense fibroglandular tissue is replaced by fatty tissue (which images as a dark grey on mammograms).

A 6mm cyst is very small. It translates to 0.24 inches. At this small size, the cyst is unlikely to be causing you any discomfort. Many woman have harmless simple cysts in their breasts. They come and go, get larger or smaller, with hormonal changes we experience with our menstrual cycle. An ultrasound of the breast will show cysts very clearly. If it has all of the appearances of a benign mass, and none of the signs of a malignant mass, the doctors probably will just leave it alone. The only time a doctor will remove a simple benign cyst in the breast is when it is causing discomfort to the patient. The radiologist I work for always says, “How do we cure a well patient?” Best wishes…..

Q: Is it true that if you have a painful cyst in one breast or both, that it is not likely cancer?
I have a friend who told me this and she wont go to see the doctor. She said that she can feel a lump, but it hurts when pressed gently upon and the pain is more noticeable around her period. She said that she read that painful cysts aren’t cancer. How can I convince her to see a doctor?

A: A lump that is painful or not painful can still be a cancer. If it is painful it probably is a cyst but cancers can arise in cysts as well as in any other part of the breast. Hear is the important point: has it changed over the past months or year? If it is the same old lump then whether it changes during cycle or not, whether it is tender or not doesn’t matter. IF it is bigger or differently shaped or just doesn’t feel the same as it did last fall – see a doctor.

Q: Breast cyst…did my doctor get this wrong?
I just had an ultrasound that found a very large cyst in my breast. A medical assistant from my doctors office called me the next day and said that “if the cyst is NOT bothering me, I should call her surgeon and have it aspirated (drained), but if the cyst IS bothering me, I should wait it out and see what happens.”

Did she get this backwards? I would think that if the cyst isn’t bothering me (it isn’t) I should wait it out and not the other way around.

Anyone know? Thanks!!!

A: She sounds dyslexic
Call the office and ask her to verify…?

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