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can cysts turn into cancer

and i heard sometimes that can turn into ovarian cancer.

what are the chances of me getting it?

i think my grandma had a small bit of skin cancer in her nose once and they just removed it.

and that was the only cancer ever in the family.

A: ovarian cysts are NORMAL, a cyst forms to eject the egg each time you ovulate. With no family history of ovarian cancer you have little to worry about.

Q: Why would I have a high Red Blood Cell (RBC) Count?
For the past 4-5 months I have been going to the doctor for lower abdominal pains and lower back pains… kinda like cramps only it was when I wasn’t on my period. Every time I go in I’m told I have a UTI (urinary tract infection) and that I have a high red blood cell count. I have had kidney ultrasounds, gallbladder ultrasounds, liver function tests and tests for ulcers. I have found out recently that I have a cyst that is 3-4 cm big in one of my ovaries. I have been having this pain for over 7 or 8 months now and I have looked up RBC count being high and found something about being cancer and I found out that ovarian cysts can turn into ovarian cancer if it isn’t dealt with in time… Is this true? How can I start the conversation with my doctor?

A: You will need to visit the gynecologist and tell him/her exactly your symptoms and the results of your tests. Gynecologists usually deal with this type of cysts and often you can receive treatment for it. There is no need of you to start a conversation in a certain way, just tell the doctor exactly what you feel. Do not stress out, visit your doctor as soon as you can!! Good Luck.

Q: how do you handle ovarian cysts?
I am also unable to become pregnant and have been told that left untreated they can turn into cancer escipally since I have Hpv
I am a 22 yr old female and I have several ovarian cysts and suffer from daily pelvic and back pain I assume is caused by the cysts however I also get dizzy and have hot flashes and have sever migraine headaches atleast twice a week if you have any of these symptoms please share your story with me in hopes that it might offer some advice in how to deal with it

A: I have to agree with Jules. I also had ovarian cysts and my Dr said quite the opposite. Cysts are fluid filled sacs. They do not contain any cancer cells. They never turn to cancer. Now, if you had a cancerous tumor next to it, then I’d say yes because some of those cells can jump on the cysts and turn it into something ugly. However, that’s a big “What if” Cysts are very painful in that they grow and some can grow very fast. When you consider the limited amount of space they have, it’s going to put a lot of pressure on surrounding muscles, tissue, organs, ovaries etc. You get the picture. This is why they hurt so darn much. Mine had to be removed surgically of course and I was so happy when that was gone. I went on the have 3 more children after it was removed. By the way, I was also 22 at the time. Ask you Dr to remove it just so you won’t have that horrible pain. Not to mention how it grows. I wish you the best. Hope you can have it removed and go on to have your children…if you want any. God bless you

Q: 8 weeks pregnant.. Just found out I have a pretty big considered ‘normal’ cyst.. what can I expect?
I just found out at doctors I have a pretty big cyst.. I was having cramping and they did an early ultrasound.. the doc. gasp for a second then preceded to tell me I have a pretty big cyst on my ovarie.. She said it was normal and it happens when you get pregnant.. something about when your body ovulates.. she said since I ovulated and then got pregnant it form a cyst..
Now the concern.. She said when it bursts (which it should within a month or so) I will feel like I got kicked by a horse in the stomach??
My Question: Has anyone else had a cyst from pregnancy? Did it hurt you.. is their any concerns I should have.. if it doesn’t go away is their a chance they will have to do surgery on me to remove it? Can it turn into cancer??

Thank You!!
Haha LaLaa =)

A: It’s called a Corpus Luteum (Yellow Body) Cyst. It’s totally fine. I found out I had one in the beginning of this pregnancy too and almost had a heart attack when they told me. I had just had a miscarriage so I had an ultrasound at 8 weeks to make sure there was a heartbeat with this one and they saw it. I was like GREAT! What’s next! BUT everything is fine I’m actually 40 weeks today and nothing happened, it went away painlessly. I didn’t even feel it so I doubt it could feel like a horse kicked you, don’t worry!

And NO it can’t turn into cancer. =)

Here’s a link:

And GOOD LUCK with your pregnancy!

Q: I have A cyst in my ovarie?
The doctor said i need to wait to menstral cycles to see if it’ll dissolve a few questions…

can it turn into cancer?
and what are the chances for it to dissolve

A: A very large percentage of women suffer from monthly cysts . Are you in pain ? Or was this just noticed . Don’t worry about cancer , unless someone in your family has already had issues with it . This is very common . Some women this happens to them every month with out even knowing . I suffer from Endometriosis and this is also very common for women with my condition . Your next cycle will help to show really what is going on the doc is right . It is only when they don’t go away is when they grow large and need to be removed .Relax just try and see what happens . A lot of birth control pills keep this from happening if it has something to do with your menstrual cycle , so that may be your next step.

Q: Is it colon cancer any advice?
Back in july I had a yearly female checkup and I mentioned to her at the time that I had been experiencing some dull pain in my right lower abdomen, bloating in my belly and showed her some stretch marks that had developed over the area that was. I also mentioned that I had been feeling bone tired and a little lethargic, She was more concerned thought that both of my legs were very swollen–I hadn’t even noticed that. She tested me for diabetes and told me I should see my gp if i was still not feeling well. I didn’t even think of mentioning that I’d been having issues with my movements. I thought if anything I had an ovarian cyst. The tests for diabetes came back normal and I didn’t really give it any more thought.

Flash forward to the beginning of November and I had what I thought was a stomach flu that just would not go away–vomitting and diarrhea. I finally went to the doctor and repeated my story about the pressure in my lower right abdomen, and he got me in for a CT scan immediately thinking it could be an appendicitis. He called me a few days later and let me know that he wanted me to get in for a colonoscopy and was referring me to a gastroentologist because they found what looked to be a 2.5 cm “bilobulated Mass” near the cecum in my ascending colon. He was reluctant to answer my questions and said he thought it would be best if I saved them for the Gastroentologist. When I spoke with the Gastroentologist he started talking about something they saw with the small intestine (jejunum?) that he thought might be a duplication cyst on the left side of my upper abdomen. He seemed to not even be aware of the mass. When I asked about it he said that it might just be a problem with the CT scan and said he would have them schedule me as a priority but not an emergency. Well the first “priority” colonoscopy I could get was 12/15– a month later. I at this point was not worried, after all if it was really urgent they would have gotten me in sooner and the duplication cyst didn’t sound like a big deal. He did however want me to have a small bowel follow through done to check out the “duplication cyst” ASAP. When I went in for that test, the radiologist painted a different picture. He said that what they saw on the left side was thickening of the folds and was almost certainly NOT a duplication cyst. Then he asked me what I knew about the mass. I told him what I knew and he said that what they saw looked like it was on the outside wall of the colon, if that was the case the colonoscopy may not show anything which would mean surgery. He asked if I had been loosing wait which I had. I think that is when I started to get scared. I asked if they thought it was cancer and he said they can’t tell anything until they get a biopsy. That was 3 weeks ago and I still haven’t gotten the results for it and my colonoscopy isn’t for 2 more weeks. I emailed my doctors office but have not heard back. I’m afraid I’m overreacting to all of this and do not want to turn into a hypochondriac. I’m just so tired, achey and now the pain is different. I’ve never dealt with anything like this before and I don’t want to talke to my friends or family because I don’t want them to know how worried I am. Can anyone help me make heads or tails out of this, please?
Thanks for the responses. I actually received and email from the doctor and I got an earlier appointment – wed. The small bowel follow through was normal. And he ordered a ton of blood tests

In answer to your question Denisedds, those were actually two different things he saw–the thickening of the folds was on the left side. What looked to be on the outside of the colon was the mass they saw on the ascending colon on the right side. I am with Kaiser and have not actually seen the report myself–only what the different doctors have told me they don’t post those types of tests. I had blood work drawn last night and already have the results. Everything is normal except my sed rate which is high and my transferrin saturation which is low. Any idea if this means anything?

The mixed blessing with Kaiser is that they post results on line for blood work–think I’ll drive myself crazy trying to figure them out this weekend.
On a separate note–so sorry to hear about your cancer crossstitchkelly. I’ll keep you in my prayers. I hope your treatment is going well. I am experiencing very similar things to what you mention–No bleeding though. I’m holding on to that because the more research I do the more I am seeing that as a “hallmark” sign. Best of luck

A: I would demand your appt be moved up.

I’d get a 2nd read on the CT report too..

Q: Went to the doctor today and I think I have cancer. Please please help me?
This isn’t pregnancy related but I’m posting it here because the women here are always so helpful and informative. My problem isn’t STD, pregnancy or infection – was tested for all:

I had a stabbing pain in my vagina and butt yesterday. Lasted about 10 minutes. Then the paid went away and it turned into this awful fullness and pressure feeling in my uterus. Off to the doctor I go who couldn’t do an internal because it was soo painful for me. So they sent me to ER.

Went to the ER – they did another internal – wasn’t nearly as bad as last time – I think the doctor was just rough. The pain is gone but it’s that awful uncomfortable feeling. They think they felt a cyst. Also, they said my gall bladder is inflamed on the right side – pretty badly. I didn’t notice it until they told me, and now it feels really uncomfortable on my right side from my rib and behind my back on the right side.

No fever still, no vomiting so it’s probably not infection. They ran STD tests AGAIN but they said since the last ones came back it’s a ruptured ovarian cyst, not PID.

I have an ultrasound on Friday to see if I need surgery to have the cysts removed. The ultrasound is also going to find out what’s going on with my abdomen and why it’s so inflamed. I can feel a hard mass when I press – not painful just uncomfortable. So now I’ve gone to thinking I have ovarian cancer to thinking I have some sort of stomach / gall bladder or liver cancer…. and I have to wait until Friday :( I’m in tears and worrying and can’t really get anything done today except panic.

A: It’s most likely just cysts which are very common.
Just try to relax and not think about it; worrying over something you have no control over won’t help anything.
Good luck.

Q: fibriod cyst in breast?
can these turn into breast cancer

A: No, not usually. Actually they are quite common and you would be surprised how many women have them. I myself have them and have since I was a teen and the only down side to them is how miserable they made my breast 3-4 days before my cycle. I have had a complete hysterectomy, so I no longer have PMS, nor do I have trouble with them anymore. If you do have trouble with yours, my gyno told me to massage them gently on a regular basis and to take Vitamin E.

Q: Possibly Ovarian Cancer, where do we go from here?
So if this is a little long winded but please take the time to read.

My wife was rushed into A & E four weeks ago with unbearable stomach pains. She was sent to the surgical assessment unit and told that she had appendicitis, she was booked if for an emergency operation for later that night. They also booked her in for a scan to see if it had ruptured. However the scan showed that she had numerous Ovarian Cysts and Diverticulitis, so the surgery was cancelled. This came as a complete shock as she had a total hysterectomy 26 years ago and her ovaries were supposedly removed at the same time as her mother and grandmother both died of ovarian cancer. She was moved to the surgical ward where treatment for the diverticulitis was started. At the same time further tests were carried out on the Cysts. After 9 days on the surgical ward she was transferred to the gynaecology ward. We were told that she has 3 cysts on one ovary and 2 on the other. The largest is a thick walled cyst measuring 6.5 x 5.5 cm’s. One doctor told us that anything over 3.5 Cm’s is regarded as being cancer and further tests were needed. So she was sent for a CT scan and a trans-vaginal scan. CA125 blood tests were also done. As the blood count came back low, one doctor told us it is not cancer, the next said it is highly unlikely to be cancer and the third said that no test is 100% so it may be cancer. We were told that she would need further scans done in two weeks and in the mean time that she could go home. So she was discharged and is at home on Oramorph and Tramadol for the pain. Within 3 days of being at home she received an appointment to see a gynaecological oncologist but in 12 weeks time and no mention of a scan. So we phone the hospital and was told that the scan had been made and cancelled and that the appointment would be looked into and that they would phone us back. We never heard anything. Now 3 weeks later we have phoned again only to be told that the appointment to she the gynaecological oncologist has been cancelled as has the scan and that she has been switched to a different consultant.

So as it stands today she has no follow up appointments and is in constant pain rendering her housebound. Spent 2 weeks in hospital only to be discharge in exactly the same state that she was admitted and still not knowing if she has cancer or not. We have no idea where to turn to next. Our GP has written to the hospital and is still waiting for a reply.

Can anyone suggest where we should go from here?
Sara, thank you so much for your input. I have just spoken to the consultants secretary and explained the situation and low and behold we have an appointment for 2.40pm tomorrow.
Sara, thank you so much for your input. I have just spoken to the consultants secretary and explained the situation and low and behold we have an appointment for 2.40pm tomorrow.

A: This is’nt good enough. Phone up the hospital and ask to speak to the secretary of the new consultant that you have been given. These secretarys control the doctor’s diary and have the power to re-arrange appointments to fit in urgent cases. Politely explain to the secretary the position your wife is in and try and get an appointment arranged whilst you are on the phone to him / her. It can also be worth asking if you can be put down to be phoned in the event of another patient cancelling their appointment.

Best of luck to your wife.

Q: Why did a doctor ignore a cancerous tumor?
My brother was just diagnosed with Adenocarcinoma cancer after he had a tumor removed (they tested the tumor after removal). The tumor was in his neck, in a gland.
This is the same type that our mother died from when she was in her early 40’s. My brother is only 27. My question is, he had this tumor for a number of years, and it was always extremely painful to him. He saw a doctor for it when he was 17 and the doctor said to ignore it, that it was just a cyst. Well, it turned into a cancerous tumor. Why would the doctor just ignore something that was very painful for my brother, and is there anything we can do about the doctor basically ignoring it? My brother is understandably angry about it.
I believe that we are dealing with this as healthy as we can. My brother is angry, but not lashing out, he didn’t even ask about suing the doctor, I am.
The point is that it should have been removed if it was extremly painful, he shouldn’t have to beg the doctor to do it.
I had a cyst removed by a different doctor who was concerned that it could develop into something else.
My brother is passive, so even getting him to ask the doctor about a painful lump in his neck took a long time.
The doctor, in my opinion, should have looked into something that was extremly painful for his patient and he should of had it removed when he was young and he wouldnt be in th situation he is in today.
Just some additional information. Cancer runs heavily in my family. My mother did have cancer at the time that she took my brother to the doctor, so the doctor was aware that cancer runs in the family. My mother expressed this to my doctor as well, which is why they removed my cyst.

A: He needs to run to a lawyer. I’m not a sue type person, but he trusted and paid that doctor 10 years ago that said it was only a cyst. My husband had the same thing happen to him..but it was only a cyst. He was told about it years prior and it caused pain on and off all that time till the pain was too much and he then had it removed. So why wouldn’t your brother act the same way. He was told it WAS a cyst and his records from that doctor 10 years ago should say that. Don’t call that doctor though. Contact a lawyer first so the doctor doesn’t doctor his file some how. This is the reason they have malpractice insurance. I have a stomach problem caused by a doctor cutting my vagus nerve. For me, it was an accident and my surgeon told me prior that it was a dangerous surgery. So I do not fault my doctor at all. Your brothers doctor was negligent. If he recovers any money from this, he can use that to fight this cancer aggressively. I’m so sorry your having to deal with this. I believe he has two years to sue from when he found out he was wronged.

Q: Can Herpes cause Cervical Cancer?
I am just about to turn twenty years old and was recently diagnosed with Herpes. I have been in and out of the hospital for the past few years because of Pelvic Innflamatory Disease and orange size cysts on my ovaries and fallopian tubes. About the same time I was diagnosed with herpes, I had a pap test done to see if there was anything else going on. I just got a call from my doctor yesterday telling me I should come back into the clinic because my pap test came back highly abnormal, and she wanted to begin screening for cervical cancer. I just don’t understand how this could happen…I’m going to be turning twenty later this month, and was not aware that women so young could get this. My question is, could herpes be directly linked to cervical cancer? I don’t know how long I have had herpes for (i’ve only ever had two partners), but I’m feeling horrible lately. I have a bloated stomac, pain on both sides of my uterus and in my back, sores, and unusual bleeding. Please can someone help me?

A: Herpes can cause an abnormal pap smear, but it doesn’t cause cervical cancer. If you have herpes, you probably have HPV which is what causes cervical cancer, because they are both spread through any sexual contact, even with condoms.

Q: Medical Mystery, can you help or ever heard anything like it?
I have a mass in my right lower abdomin (1.9cm) the doctors say they can not take it out due to scar tissue and that my intestines are completely glued together due to past endometreosis,my intestines have dropped into my uterine cavity(removed 20yrs ago). All cancer test come up negative, and I am in severe pain but will not take strong narcotics( I ran a drug clinic for years & I do not want to become a drug addict), docs say this size mass should not hurt this bad. I sometimes can not walk. The last surgery was 4yrs ago to take out ovaries that had several cysts on them, (they cut into my bladder, colon, & took out 8 inches of sm. bowel because of the mess in my abdomin is in) All the specialist say I am a high risk for death in the OR. They can not help me I have been to specialist in Jackson, all my blood work is normal. I don’t know where to turn, is their anyone who has ever had a mass do this to them. I am very scared I am going to die I have been like this for 1 1/2 yrs.
They say even a biopsy is a risk to my life and if the mass gets over 6cm they will do something.
I an a nurse and have seen a general surgeon, a gastro surgeon, a obgyn surgeon, a nuro surgeon,all of them do not know what to do they keep sending me to other specialist, they are driving me nuts. Thank you for helping me stay sane.
I think I was not clear I do go to a University Hospital and have all sorts of test ran every 3mths. And I do take meds, 400mg of Ultram, 900mg of Neurontin, 2400mg of Motrin, 2000 mg 0f Tylenol a day, all of course how they are recomended,& Lidocaine patches every 12 hours, as you can see I am trying my best to not go on strong narcotics, I AM A DRUG NURSE YOU CAN BECOME ADDICTED EVEN IF YOU NEED IT!!!! I want a life free of drugs and that means someone out there may have been healed of this & I want to know what they did, I am 46 I have a lot of life left.

A: Yes, my mother has something similar.

She started having a lot of pain in a very specific area of her abdomen. Like you, she has had a hysterectomy, and she has also had multiple abdominal surgeries for various reasons.

At first they couldn’t figure out what it was, and then the doctor was just palpating the area, and the pain was really terrible for her, so they sent her for imaging. She has a group of masses, and they thought at first it was cancer. They did blood work, which was negative. She is not a good risk for surgical biopsy, so they sedated her and did aspiration biopsies on all of the masses using imaging to guide the needles. All of the tests came back negative, so they know it is not cancer. However, they don’t have any idea exactly what it is. She has been to several specialists, including a hematologist and an oncologist, and they are stymied. Their best guess is that it has something to do with scar formation, but since the masses are independent of each other, and also of all organs, they are not sure how they formed.

She refuses to take narcotics for pain, but sometimes the pain is so bad she cannot get out of bed, or, if she is upright when the pains come, she cannot lie down. The doctors all say that they don’t think it should hurt like this, but they don’t know what to do about them.

She has decided to just live with it. There really isn’t anything else she can do. They have stayed relatively stable in size for quite some time, but at the time when she was diagnosed, they almost doubled in size in the space of about 4 weeks from when they did the first imaging to when they did the aspiration biopsy with other images. Her doctor did say that if they begin to grow again, and if they get too large, they will absolutely have to go in and take them out so that they don’t interfere with organs, but as I said, they have stayed about the same size for some time, so there has been no further action on it.

I wish I could tell you something positive to do, but I am afraid that I have no ideas. My mother has been through everything trying to get a proper diagnosis, but so far they cannot tell her anything other than that it is not cancer and that they absolutely don’t want to operate on her. I have seen how hard it is for her to deal with this, and I am very sorry you are going through a similar experience.

Q: can someone offer advice please? this is worrying me?
i have a lump on my penis, near to the vein or basically on the vein near my testicles. It hurts if i touch it not a horrible pain just an annoying pain. I went to the doctors and he checked it he said that it could be a cyst and it will either go away or turn into like what is a spot. It hasn’t gone down or turned into a spot am i am worrying if the doc made a miscalculation.
What if it is cancer? However i have been told that with cancer lumps you don’t feel anything, im just worried.

I want to go to the doctors and get it checked again but if it is cancer it will crush me :(

can anyone offer advice? please thanks
thanks everyone :)

A: its probaly nothing and if it is really bothering you then just go to the doctors

Q: Is my Dentist crazy… or do I have a serious mouth problem?!?
Alright so about 7 months ago, I went to have my mouth looked and… and there seemed to be a large bump in the back of my mouth. It turned out it was a non cancerous cyst, and we had it removed with my wisdom teeth… so it was no harm.

About 2 months later, there seemed to be a smaller version of this cyst appearing again. So he removed it, sent it to pathology… they said it was non cancerous again. Another month passed by and it developed again. We removed it and sent it to pathology. Another month passed by and we removed it and sent it pathology. So we have removed a cyst from the region approximatly 4 times…. and now I am starting to get a little nervous.

I know its not cancer now, but can it develop into cancer in the long run? Has anyone had any experience with a problem like this? If anyone has any information, I would be really grateful.

A: The most common type of cyst in the mouth is a mucous cyst, and those aren’t usually cancerous. Those can reoccur, especially if the area is being irritated by something. I know the one’s in the cheek area and lip are sometimes caused by sucking the cheek or lip into the teeth a lot, or even chewing on them by nervous habit. I don’t know if this applies in your case, or if that’s the type cyst you have, though. YOu would need to ask the dentist about that one, and why he thinks it is reforming. I know in the case of cysts that form in other parts of the body, that you have to excise the entire cyst intact or it will reform again. And there are some people that form cysts no matter what you do. I worked with a guy several years ago that also had a problem with a cyst forming on his cheek, because he sucked his cheeks in a lot and had a tooth edge that would rub the mucousal lining. The dentist told him he needed to break the habit, though I think it was really hard on him doing it because he didn’t really realize he did it most times. We used to help catch him, and at first he was always surprised. I think as long as you aren’t a tobacco chewer or dipper, you probably don’t run much risk of developing cancer from them. So far as I understand, they really don’t have any complications aside from being an irritant to you. But I’m no dental expert, by any means, just a nurse with a curious mind. I’d say ask the dentist, or maybe a dental surgeon what they think. If you happen to live near a dental school, that would really be the place to have it checked out. They would have the biggest collection of experts to come up with an answer for you. Good luck, hope you get some help to get rid of it permanently.

Q: hi.. im 18 and im 34 weeks pregnant and i need some advice…?
im 18 and im 34 weeks pregnant and i have had some worries that iv kept to my self and have no one to get help from.
im still with the father of the baby, but we haven’t got a place together yet, we would have got one privately but hes had problems with work and also hes just had a shunt placed in his head since he has a cyst that was killing him, with him on and off work we had to apply for housing association broadachers. so im left living at home with my dad and his girlfriend and my two brothers…this is where the problems start…. my house is like a building site it needs doing up but my dad has no money to do so and its not a place to bring a new born child into. also my dad is trying to slowly shove me out of the house because of his girlfriend, he has chosen her over us his kids hes also already disowned my older sister and her two kids becaue of her…. she (dads girlfriend) keeps making up things saying that im saying stuff to her when im not so my dad starts to give me bother.
i don’t have my mum to run to since she died 6 years ago of cancer so i have no one to turn to…..
worse thing of all my problems that is making it worse where im slowly falling into depression (which i have suffered from once before) is that i live in my bed room because of my dads girlfriend because i leave her to do what she wants and i stay out of her way….but with my son on his way times ticking down quickly it worries me the state of the house i have to bring him to i also have no heating in my room so in winter it gets very cold and i dont want to get his naked bum out in that also im affrayed if i have the midwife or anyone see how i live they may take him off me i have wrote into the housing association with my problems and i handed it in with one of the application forms but i still have up-to a year to wait on the list and i deeply worried what will happen to my son if i don’t get out of the house.
so can some one give me some advice to put my mind at ease since i cant think of anything else but this, i should be excited to have my son in my arms soon i am but in a way i want him to stay in so hes safe and doesn’t have to go home to a building site.
please help!…
i would live with the father but with this operation hes had he had to move back home so his parents could care for him…. i would move into their house but his dads in his early 70s and his mum is in her mid 60s so its unfair to bring a child in to their home with them being that age… :(
jen i live in england and ano what you mean by taking money to help support the child i have just started my tax credits its just some cant afford alot, my heart goes to you with all your troubles you have had with your losses. just tell your dad on your own not with his girlfriend it will be easier and before i fell pregnant my dad hit me so all i used to do is run, all you can do, if your dad girlfriend does go to hurt you then just leave because if i got hurt whist i been pregnant i would rather live on the street so my child doesn’t get hurt. i hope to go back to college next year when tyler will be old enough for nursery. money has been a massive struggle and ano it will get harder. why dont you move back in with the father because then you no you will be safe and you can start you own family with out your dad etc. i could if i could. :/

A: Have you considered going to Citizen Advice Bureau? They have all people in place to help you in this situation, you might qualify for much more help from the council then you expect, maybe you have a chance for immediate housing, your situation might be treated as an emergency – talk to those people, they will give you even a plan what you can do, hurry, your baby is coming and you need real people in place to help you!!!
From what you say I can see you don’t have ANY conditions to give your baby reasonable start and I think you really should get more help – just go and check CAB!

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