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fibroadenoma breast lump

ps: they are biopsying it for cancer, even though i have no signs or symptoms, and no family history of it, should i be worried?
sorry im 21 years old

A: Fibroadenomas, although benign, are usually removed from young women because they have a tendency to grow larger in response to hormones. They can give doctors major headaches — is it the fibroadenoma getting bigger, or a new cancer?
I wouldn’t worry about getting a diagnosis of cancer. Tissue that is removed during breast surgery is usually checked by a pathologist to make sure they got the right area.
As for the look of your breasts, I guess the best person to talk with is your surgeon. Lame answer, I know!
You can always ask about breast augmentation (implants), as well. If too much tissue is removed, your insurance company might pay for that.

Q: breast lump?
do fibroadenomas get harder ? my dr. thinks the lump in my right breast (pea sized) is a fibroadenoma and to see if it gets bigger if not to leave it. but what if the lump gets harder not sure if it is any bigger but it has gotten harder. i had an ulrasound done and saw a sergeon and he thinks it is a fibradenoma and wants to wait and see if it gets bigger
im 24 and I felt the lump about 4 to 5 months ago. thank you all
oh yah i saw the surgeon a month ago

A: hiya
i had a similar lump amd mine got harder i had it monitored for 6months and thankfully it got smaller
fibroadenomas do change shape and get harder and if they grow to a certain size the surgeon will remove it but thankfully most of the time they are nothing to worry about
your surgeon will keep it monitored and i know it is a very frightening experience but try not to worry about it too much

Q: what are the post treatment of fibroadenoma surgery?
i have had fibroadenoma (benign breast lump) removed from my left breast 1yr back. after that i had never been to a doctor, i have read from somewhere that we do have higher risk of breast cancer. do u think i should go to doctor often.iam also not able to lift my left hand properly, do u think is it somehow effected becoz of the operation?????? physiotherapist told its because of Frozen arm.. what could it all be?????
iam from india. The doc who operated on me tld me tat my frozed arm is not related to my operation bt wen i went to a physotherapist he tld me it could b after my opeartion as i had keep my left hand down mostly nt lifting up much for 2-3 months.. iam currently exercising daily. any advice you can give me.. what could it be??

A: Firstly, yes, you should go and see a doctor (ASAP) and get the correct advice from them (assuming you live in the UK, or some other civilised country where treatment isn’t on the basis of ability to pay). I extend my sincerest sympathy if you have been (or still are) unable to go to a doctor because of financial constraints.
With respect to your left arm, perhaps a nerve was damaged during the operation, frozen arm/ shoulder is a diagnosis made when they don’t actually know the cause – I know as I’ve had a frozen shoulder several times (agonising) and when I pressed the doctor for more info, he admitted that this is a “cover-all” for certain symptoms where cause (and often correct treatment) is unknown.

Q: Breast lump-removal?
When I was 17 my doctor found a grape sized lump in my left breast, sent me to a specialist, and got it biopsied. Turned out to be fibroadenoma. I did not have it removed. The past few weeks it has been bothering me, causing discomfort in sleep and making bras very uncomfortable. Over the year it has grow into the size of a small egg. My last pap smear, my doctor found a small lump in my right breast, she is sending me this month to get it checked out as well. I am considering getting all lumps removed- I can’t live with the burden of a lump in my breast… it’s hard to think it isn’t cancerous- negativity has a way into my mind- I am almost 19– and very nervous.

I’d rather have a 3″ scar though, than breast cancer-

Does anyone know about the removal procedure.. I want to go in with some idea. Thank You!

A: Your doctor will decide if you need another mamo (it has been a year). Then when the results come back they will know if it needs to come out. If it does they will put you to sleep, make a small incision and remove it. You’ll be back to work in a couple of days.

Q: Worried about finding second breast lump..?
Hi there. I’m 21 and I had an appointment with the breast
clinic last week where I was diagnosed as having a 3.5cm
fibroadenoma. I had a physical examination and an ultrasound (no
FNA). I have decided to have it removed and I am having surgery in

In the week since, I have found another lump near my nipple. It is
pea-sized, hard and unmoveable. The left side of my breast is very
sore as well and very uncomfortable to sleep on. This is all 3 very
seperate parts of the breast, nowhere near each other.

I’m wondering whether I have to go back to the doctors and wait for
another referral or is there something else I can do?

Thanks guys
Thanks John, it is under the skin in the tissue…because it’s so close to the nipple I am assuming it is a blocked milk duct?

A: I think that you should go back in for a check, considering that you keep getting new surprises. You said these are pea-shaped, are they actually visible, or do they feel to be deeper into your breast tissue?

John Jones, MD

i am 25 and i have had a fibroadenoma removed from my breast at 20.2 months ago i had another lump on the same breast but this time it comes with dull aches sometimes that go to the back.i did a mammo and ultra sound in 2 hospitals and thy said a fibroadenoma.they said i should return in 6months for follow up.i did a ct scan of the chest and back xray and nothing was sick.but this aches bother me.they constantly remind mer i have a lump.i cant think freely.i am so paternal aunt is about 56 and has bc.has someone had this experience or can someone help me please

A: Fibroadenoma

Fibroadenomas are benign tumors made up of both glandular breast tissue and stromal (fibroconnective) tissue. They are most common in young women in their twenties and thirties, but they may occur at any age. Some fibroadenomas are too small to feel and can be seen only under the microscope, but some are several inches across. They tend to be round and have borders that are distinct from the surrounding breast tissue, so they often feel like a marble within the breast. Some women have only one fibroadenoma, but others may have several. Fibroadenoma can be easily diagnosed by fine needle aspiration or needle core biopsy.

Many doctors recommend removing fibroadenomas, especially if they continue to grow or if they change the shape of the breast. Sometimes (especially in middle aged or elderly women) these tumors will stop growing or even shrink on their own, without any treatment. In this case, as long as the doctors are certain the masses are really fibroadenomas and not breast cancer, surgery to remove them may not be needed. This approach is useful for women with many fibroadenomas that are not growing. In such cases, removing them all might mean removing a lot of nearby normal breast tissue, causing scarring that would change the shape and texture of the breast. This could also make future physical examination and mammograms harder to interpret. But, it is important for women who do not have fibroadenomas removed to have a breast physical exam at regular intervals to make sure the mass is not continuing to grow. Sometimes one or more new fibroadenomas will grow after one is removed. This simply means that another fibroadenoma has formed and not that the old one has come back.

Q: I’m only 17 and I have a breast lump… what’s going on with me?
Its been there for like 3 months I think…. I’m not even sure if more because I noticed it once while I was showering and I didn’t freak that much because I thought it would go away…. btw I’m only 17 =s…. but still it’s here….It’s not that hard and sometimes I can feel by just running smoothly my fingers on my breast (not pushing my fingers against the breast to feel it) but other times I have to push a little my fingers to feel it… It doesn’t seem to have grown or stuff like that but I noticed that there is a little change in skin colour but VERY VERY VERY VERY little almost not visible (the colour)…. In my family there is no history of breast cancer and this type of stuff… I cannot just go to the doctor because I don’t have a car yet and my mum is very sick to take me…. any advise please???????? I am really freaking out… .I searched the internet and it made me freak more =s ooh and it got me thinking if I got fibroadenoma…. found it on the internet
btw it’s not painful but sometimes I notice that my left breast (where the lump is) is a little bit more sensitive… I don’t know if it has anything to do with

I feel so alone… and scared..

A: Hey, don’t worry, i have had a fibroadenoma in my breast before. I went to the doctors and they referred my to have a scan. When it came to the scan, they couldn’t find anything. Sometimes fibroadenomas dissapear by themselves. They grow to a certain size and may remain there or they may shrink. If it gets to big, then sometimes they can be taken out.

Go to the doctors, a doctor will feel your breast to determine the type of lump. Get a taxi or get a friend to drop you there and back home. Its important you get it checked to make sure that it is ok. There are different types of lumps. So i would definately go to the doctors.

Q: Do you think I have a fibroadenoma lump?
Hi. I am a 15 year old girl. I am quite skinny and somehow a late bloomer. (I have really small breasts and had menarche last June)..

Anyway, I have this lumps on my two breasts. They have been there for quite a long time now. They do not hurt or anything. They are hard and I think they’re movable. I read an article saying that fibroadenoma lumps can be present on teens. Do you think I have these kinds of lumps? Are they harmful?

Thank you for the kind people who’ll answer my question. Ü
oh yeah, i forgot to tell. I am scared to tell it to others.

A: Ask your mom

Q: Is this breast cancer or fibroadenoma?…or something else?
I am a 15 year old south Asian girl.i am not proper healthy.
.actually i can feel some lumps inside my breasts.And they are big in size.i mean it feels that my whole breast is a lump.But my both breasts are same in size..and the color is also same..nothing can be seen from the outside.There are also some very little pimple around my nipples .But i don’t thing that they are harmful.cause they are painless.But the lumps which are inside the breast pain when i touch it. when i wear bra i think then the pain grows.I have two lumps inside my right breast .One lump is in the upper right side of the breast and another one is in the lower left side of the breast.and left breast has the same thing …i mean one lump is in the upper left side and another one is in the lower right side of the breast.and i have also menstrual problems….My monthly period is not very regular.
I have also a peanut size lump under my right arm almost from 2 years……but it never is very little and soft.I have also a peanut size lump under my right arm almost from 2 years……but it never is very little and seems that its attached with my muscles………………………i am very scared as i have the breast cancer symptoms…i havent cosult a doctor yet.Do you think its cancer?if its not then what is it?Please help me.i am very worried.I have also a peanut size lump under my right arm almost from 2 years……but it never is very little and seems that its attached with my muscles………………………i am very scared as i have the breast cancer symptoms…i haven’t consult a doctor yet.Do you think its cancer?if its not then what is it?Please help me.i am very worried.

A: First, I say that yes, you should see a doctor and not take medical advice from me or anyone else who isn’t a doctor.

But, I do want to tell you that (other than the arm pit lumps) it all sounds perfectly normal for a 15 year old girl. I know I had lumpy, painful breasts when I was that age. I think most women do. It is normal to have irregular periods as well, sometimes into your 20’s.

But, yes, see a doctor. Maybe schedule a physical and mention it to him/her then. It would be the safest thing to do.

Q: Fibroadenoma or Breast Cancer?
So, in second grade i discovered lumps in both breasts. my parents took me to the doctor and they told me i was fine and it was completely normal. They only felt them rather then doing any chemical tests. Now, eight years later, I still have the lumps in both breasts but now they take up the majority of the space in my breasts. The lumps are bumps and are random irregular shapes. they are not attached to me but are loose in my breasts. they do grow significantly larger when i have my period but still remain rather large although smaller when i don’t have my period. I have not seen a doctor about them since 2nd grade because they told me they were fine then are they still okay? Is there any way i could have breast cancer after eight years?

A: If they change in size with your periods, they are probably cysts and harmless. Has anyone suggested avoiding caffeine (soda, chocolate, tea, coffee, energy drinks), which can aggravate cysts.

Q: HELP…..need answers about a breast lump!?
My wife was just told she has a 2 cm fibroadenoma in the bottom part of her left breast. It is causing a little discomfort and pain. The doctor was going to just do a needle biopsy to make sure it isn’t cancer, but then strongly suggested just removing it surgically since it is causing a little bit of pain and so that if it is cancerous she doesn’t have to go through two procedures. She does have a mammogram scheduled for tomorrow to make sure there isn’t anything else going on before the surgery. She is 35 (most fibroadenomas are in women under 30). She is terrified of the surgery. Has anyone had this type of surgery? How long was the recovery? Was there a lot of pain after? Thanks!
Thanks everyone for your answers and kind words. She had the mammogram today along with another ultrasound. The doctor still hasn’t reviewed it, but the technician did say it was a little oddly shaped, but smooth. I am sure it will all work out well.

A: the process involved in removing the fibroadenoma is called a wide local excision. it involves taking out the lump and a surrounding margin of breast tissue (if the lump is cancerous they need to ensure a sufficient margin is cleared so that any existing cancerous cells are removed thoroughly). if they suspect cancer they will also take a sample from the sentinel lymph nodes in the axilla to assess whether cancerous cells are present in the lymphatic system. if the lump only is removed the surgical procedure is usually straightforward and your wife will probably go home the day after the procedure. for the longer procedure she may have a drain inserted into the wound to prevent build up of fluid in the wound and this may mean she’s in hospital for a few days. the procedure is usually not too painful. i work on a surgical unit that deals with breast surgery and the patients are usually surprised at how little discomfort they experience. hope this is helpful. i wish you both the very best for the future.

Q: i hav lumps in my may a Fibroadenoma. it pains slightly.., is surgery compulsory..?
There is some lumps in both of my breasts. i went to doctor.. she referred me to another doctor, and he was male.. i feel bad to get treated by him.. i have read some details about Fibroadenoma in internet. Many have told about their experience about Fibroadenoma. And the important thing i have noticed from it is that the lumps are even growing after their surgery after one or two year. Now my doubt is IF I LEFT THE LUMPS UNOPERATED WILL IT ENDS WITH CANCER…. please reply.. thank you

A: It is unfair for anyone to judge your condition just by reading your description of lumps in both breasts. Personally I feel the chances of it being cancer being low. I suggest you take Transfer Factor Plus as soon as possible. This has helped many women to get rid of the lumps even before surgery was contemplated. TF Plus is the best support for any type of growth like tumors and is certified to kill 97% cancer cells, as tests have determined. This is not a medicine or drug and is extracted from the cow’s colostrum and egg yolk. It does not cause any side effects and you are expected to notice improvement in just 3 days time when your immune system is brought to optimal working condition.

For more details mail me at or call me on 09391314428. Do not sit quiet and expect the problem to disappear. Stress will build up which can lower your immunity. All the best.

Q: I have been detected with fibroadenoma in breast, my mother died of breast cancer, any help ? without surgery.
I have done : Mammograghy, ultrasound under high frequency and FNAC, My Gynae says its only a Fibroadenoma (3.5*2.3 cm)in one breast and 3 smaller ones in the other, presently.I had Vitamin E (200 mg) and Primrose oil (500 mg) twice daily but after 6 mths of medicine today it has grown to the size shown above. I’m 38 yrs old and have 2 kids (12yrs and 8 yrs), I don’t want to undergo any surgery, because once this lump is disturbed may b it spreads or become malignant……….please help me.

A: Believe it or not, the safest way to go at the moment is surgury. If you just leave them, they could become malignant, where as, if you have surgury, the risk is far less. The same thing happened to my mother, and she had surgury and turned out fine. There was a history of breast cancer in her family, as both her mother and grandmother had it. I assure you, surgery is the best way to go. (My mother is looking over my shoulder, and she agrees. Actually, you’re about her age, too.)

Q: I’ve Fibroadenoma plus fibroadenosis in both breast. I am bleeding (periods) for last 1.5 months continously.
My age is 24/married for one year/not pregnant. ( but have had three abortions earlier) I ‘ve rigorous breast pain form last 7months. i can not even sit in a position, sleep or move my both hands. My mammogram says i have a 3 cm fibrodomna in my left breast with fibrocystic breast disease in both is going terrible each day.
1. Swelling in both breast ( increase of one to two cup size)
2. Terrible pan in both breasts.
3. Lump in left breast.
Major problem now is that my periods ve been so irregular, i m bleeding for 10 Nov, with lot of pain in legs and lower back and abdomen. Ultrasound of lower abdomen had nothing, so doctors gave me medicines. but nothing is working and my conditions are being bad each day. I saw 5 doctors with no relief at all. Please help some one, i am taking vitamin-e and B-Long regularly. and primlout-n for stopping periods. what may be the cause of periods. i feel so so week..

A: The only thing I know of is endometreosis and adhesion’s are 2 things that can cause a prolonged period which is found with a laporoscopy, my periods would last more than 20 days cause of these 2 things. Even if its not, a laporoscopy would be a good test to find out what it could be. I m not a doc , just had these things happen to me. I hope this helps and good luck

Q: Breast lump, I want operation to get it removed, mother won’t let me?
I have a fibroadenoma and I’m 16 years old.
I’ve had a biopsy and it’s fine, not harmful at all.
However, I got told by the consultant that I can have a little operation and get it removed if I want it taking out.
I got told this about 5 months ago and I’ve now decided that I want it removing because it makes me feel uncomfortable and I know I’d stop worrying about it if it was just taken out.
I’ve asked my mother if I can go for the operation and she says “No, just leave it for a bit longer and we’ll see”
I’m sick of just leaving it, I want it out.
I know it’s not a nice experience for a mother to see her child have an operation, but I really want this.
It’s not like I’m going for a boob job, I just want the lump removing.
I can’t just go behind her back and get it, eventhough I know I’m old enough. I still need support and can’t go it alone.

What should I do? I really want it out.
The operation will be free on the NHS
I want it out because where the lump is, it gets caught where my bra is and causes me discomfort.
What’s wrong with just wanting it out so I can put my mind at rest?
I don’t care about scars, I have many scars and I see them as something to be proud of and they tell stories.

A: Have you asked her why she doesn’t want you to get it removed/ Maybe it’s to do with the financial side of things. Even then, you are completely right in wanting to get it removed. You need to sit her down and talk to her like an adult. Explain that it makes you worry, that it makes you uncomfortable, if she refuses to let you then ask her how she would feel with a lump in her breast. Best of luck and if your mom cotinues to be difficult about it then get an auntie or a friends mother to bring you okay?

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