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A: No they are not lethal, I have one and I did a bunch of research and found out they are harmless. But, if it is like a big pimple, puss filled mass, then she needs to have it drained because if it explodes, it could make her feel really crappy while her body cleans it up. I will be looking into a needle aspiration for mine soon because I tired this herbal remedy, EstroSense, and it didn’t get rid of it, but my boobs got way smaller :( because it cleared out all the excess estrogen in the breast tissue that collect there from eating meat and dairy products, which I no longer do. That is good though, because all those estrogens do lead to cancer. So it might still work for her if hers are estrogen related, whereas mine I think is just a blockage.

Q: what are breast cysts?
what causes breast cysts?

A: When you hear the word “cyst” that means a fluid filled sack – like a water balloon.

Tumors are solid.

Breast cysts are almost always benign (not cancer).

But they still MUST be evaluated if they do not go away (for example, after your period).

They are primarily genetic – you inherited the ability to make them.

There are conflicting reports that caffeine and chocolate can cause them – however, every study designed to prove this showed that these do not cause cysts in the majority of women. So I tell patients, if these cause cysts in you – stay away. Otherwise, have these if you wish.

You should notice cysts more in the week before your period and they are decreased the week after (which is why we instruct you to self examine your breasts 4-7 days after starting your period).

Q: How old should I be for any sort of breast-related surgery (aside from removing cysts)?
I’m 15 right now, bra size 34-36F (For most bras). It may sound silly, but I really do get teased at school for it; I know very well that back problems are inevitable. If I was seriously interested in a breast reduction or lift, how old do I have to be? I’ll be 16 in February.

A: ask your doctor, usually its about 18 or when you stop growing but if it is causing health problems they could do it earlier

Q: I have breast cysts & they are painful. i wanna get them apsirated but afraid of the pain. does it REALLY hurt?

A: If they hurt really bad now, just think how much better you’ll feel by eliminating that pain after its all said and done with. Im sure what ever pain occurs from getting them lanced open so to say is well worth getting rid of the pain you experience every day from having them around.

Q: Can breast cysts come and go on their own?
My best friend was examined by her dr, and the dr found a cyst and said that her breast was “lumpy”. She did not know she had a lump untill the dr found it, and it was quite painful and tender. She then had an ultra sound to find out what this lump was, and at the ultra sound nothing showed up. I mean, the radiologist technician (or whatever theyre called) could not locate any lump at all.

How can this be? Can cysts really come and go on their own, within one week?

A: Yes as long as they are not cancer. The cysts have to do with hormones and are common in a lot of people.

Q: Breast cancer or cysts?
Can someone help me out with this…is it possible to SEE the outline of a breast cyst underneath your skin? Or if you can see the outline of the lump is it cancer?

A: It is possible to see either one, but not usual.

Q: I have heard that caffeine can cause breast cysts (fibrocystic breast tissue), is this true?

A: Yes, but the changes are mostly benign.

Q: I Have simple breast cysts ultrasound confirmed it?


A: One of the things that can help with the pain is that of taking Vitamin E but I would recommend checking with your doctor on that as well.

As for the issue of caffeine making cysts worse I’ve heard that it can but I think that the jury is still out on that one.

Also, for the pain you can try something like a warm, wet face towel to the area (I did this one time for a breast issue I had) to see if that helps at all. Even tried massaging that area a bit and that seemed to help a bit.

But please let your doctor know that you really are very concerned about this pain and want to know what other things you can do to help with this pain.

Q: Breast cysts painful?
Both of my breasts are really tender and they feel a little lumpy inside. I’ve heard that if it was cancer it wouldn’t hurt but would cysts hurt?
Hey, Andy! Guess what! REPORTED!

A: Some people have naturally cystic breasts which means that they always feel lumpy. Also, what you may be feeling might be the milk glands if it is near the nipple on both sides. usually cancerous cysts are actually not painful. they can be painful sometimes though. Cancerous ones usually feel hard like a little hard pea. You should get a breast exam just to make sure but it probably isn’t anything serious.

Q: Can chicken breasts have cysts in them?
I have heard all sorts of things about chicken recently and that there can be puss filled cysts in them. I was wondering, is it possible for there to be a cyst inside a plain chicken breast.


A: Yes, if the chicken has a staph infection.

Q: Do breast cysts EVER go away? PLEASE answer?
I have had a mammogram and an ultra sound. The doctors said that the lumps in my breasts are cysts ( a couple) and not to worry about them. I found them about 4 months ago, my tests were about 2 months ago. They want me to get a DIGITAL mammogram in 6 months because I have “very dense breasts” they said and it will be easier to read tan the film mammogram that I had. The one thing they never told me was How long will the cysts last? They are very painful when touched,and I have to always remind my boyfriend of them. Are they EVER going to go away? Should I be worried they haven’t yet? Please Help me IF you can

A: They probably won’t go away until you hit menopause. Also, more cysts might appear over time. I am surprised that your doctor has not suggested that you have them aspirated since they are hurting you. The procedure is very simple and does not require hospitalization or time off from work. If I were you, I would just get them out but still have regular mammograms. These cysts are stubborn so don’t expect them to just disappear any time soon.

Q: Breast cysts sugery ! I’m 17 please help ? 10 points?
Ok so I have a cluster of cysts in my breasts. Or tumors I really don’t know but thier removing a part of the area inside my breasts because they said this will probably be a on going problem. What are they going to do ? Am I going to have to be in the hospital for more than a day? Or am I going to leave. Also I have to go to the anasteziologist sorry I can NOT spell but sound it out lol . Am I going to get pain medication afterwords? I hate pain

A: I have the same problem, my first one at 17. They tried draining mine with a needle first and that did not work. Did they try that with you? My surgery (and subsequent one) went quickly. Same day, in and out. Yes, you will see an anesthesiologist and most likely be asleep for the procedure. I had no problems! They just made a small incision around my nipple area (you can hardly see it) and took out what they needed to. Just get plenty of rest and no lifting over your head for the first couple of days. They even put waterproof tape over my sutures so I could shower! They may give you a low dose pain killer or recommend something over the counter if you request not to have one. Good luck!

Q: Will my breast cysts EVER go away?
I have had a mammogram and an ultra-sound. The doctors have each told me “Its nothing to worry about” They used the word cysts and have told me I have VERY dense breasts, being young I guess that is normal. But after that they told me to get another mammogram in 6 months a digital one this time, so as they can see better I assume. My question now is, WILL THESE CYSTS EVER GO AWAY? Its been 4 months since I discovered them and 2 since my apointments. How long do they stay? FOREVER? does anyone know? Please let me know. TY

A: Unfortunately these things can take months if not years to go away. If ever. I am glad that the doctor is keeping an eye on them. If they become troublesome there is always the option to have them surgically removed. Good luck!

Q: Is iberet active helps to cure breast cyst?
I got diagnosed that I have a cyst on my right breast. My doctor recommended to take iberet active 60mg. Is anyone know if this medication has effect on my cyst? Any answer will be appreciated. Thanks!

A: This might help with some women but with me it didn’t and I had to have a golf ball sized cyst removed through surgery. I hope the medication works for you because there were MANY complications with my surgery and now I’m scared for life.

Q: Would you have a surgeon look at you for breast cysts?
I have had a sore armpit for a while now. Occassionly, I would feel “something” with a brush of my arm on my breast. That would come and go. I had ultrasound and mammogram done last week. I got a letter in the mail saying that I looked cancer free and I had a good mammo result (that was from the imaging place)
But, my doctor called me and said that I had a cyst at 4 oclock and 9 oclock on my right breast and that he wanted me to see a surgeon.
Why didn’t the imaging place say something?
Would you go? Is my doctor just being cautious? Will they try to biospy the first visit?

A: Julie, Obviously you got 2 different opinions from 2 different doctors who looked at the same mammogram. Both cannot be right. First call the doctor who called to tell you about his concern for the 2 cysts, and request a written copy of his report to you. Over 50% of all women develop what is called “fibrocystic changes” in their breasts. This is perfectly benign and so common. These cysts which feel like lumps seem to change size up and down during each monthly cycle. I hope you do have some type of doctor do an annual Pap smear and breast exam on you. For a suspicious cyst, in the doctor’s office, the doctor wil often put a thin needle through the breast skin, into the cyst and pull back (aspirate) the syringe plunger to see what kind of fluid returns. No anesthesia is needed and there is no pain for this procedure that takes a couple of minutes. If the fluid is clear, the fluid will be clear and the cyst may collapse and disappear, perhaps appearing again next month. Many times there are many cysts. If there is any suspicion, at the same time, the doctor (surgeon or GYN or generalpractice) can do a thin or fine need aspiration biopsy (again with no anesthesia) and send the minute breast tissue fragments to the pathologist for a definite diagnosis. Odds are strongly in your favor favoring a benign lesion.

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