are there different types of breast cancer

Different types of bacteria are helpful to humans, and these bacteria are called Probiotics. One thing probiotics do is help maintain and restore the balance of bacteria. Without this balance, harmful bacteria multiply and eventually take over. Another thing probiotics do is help relieve symptoms of inflammatory bowel diseases, irritable bowl syndrome, calitis, and alcoholic liver disease. There is also evidence that probiotics help prevent certain types of allergies and the risk for colon, liver, and breast cancers.

A: your first sentence would be stronger if you said why certain times of bacteria are helpful to humans. so 'Different types of bacteria are helpful to humans BECAUSE...'

'one thing' and 'another thing' are somewhat awkward of transitions. try something like 'Also, probiotics help relieve...'

remember to always state your idea, and then your reason! don't try to bs...I did that in school too, but teachers can always tell. just say what you mean, even if it is short. but yes I would say you answered the question. good luck!

Q: Wrongful death at hospital?
A relative had breast cancer and did her chemotherapy and got rid of the cancer. She got sick and went to the hospital and the doctor gave her medicine and she had a little allergic reaction so they gave her a different type of medicine (doctor gave her basically the exact same medicine but in a higher dose and higher intensity). After they realized this the nurses called us and told us that they messed up and told us to hope for the best but prepare for the worst. We just visited yesterday and they told us there is a 98 percent chance she is going to die 1 percent chance she will live off of a ventilator being a vegetable and a 1 percent chance she will recover. So if she dies due to the medicine would we have a good chance of a lawsuit with good lawyers?
and to P.S.
all the money will be going to her husband. so stop trying to be an internet tough guy.

A: You really should consult a lawyer over this. You probably won't get the correct answer here.

Q: what can I do to stop being such a hypochondriac?
I am MISERABLE today! I have these hypochondria periods I go through in my life..happens about once a year but i have not had anything in almost two now so I thought I was getting better. I cannot stand the excessive worrying. I cannot concentrate on work, walk my dogs, be a normal wife or anything.
I have thought I had a brain tumor (even got an MRI to put my mind at ease),ALS, multiple Sclerosis, and now I am convinced that I have breast cancer.
I found some breast tissue in one breast that feels different from my other one. It is "lumpier" breast tissue on the outer/lower area of my left breast. My husband says he cannot even feel it hardly but agrees there is a slight difference. Feels sort of like a ridge of muscle. I can feel it in the other breast as well but just not as defined. I am 38, no children yet, and was diagnosed with endometriosis last year after exploratory surgery to find out why I was not getting pregnant. Now that something is actually "wrong" with me I have started thinking I have all kinds of female cancers and now I am focused on breast cancer. it is awful. Cancer of any type does not even run in my family on either side. Well, my Dad had skin cancer years ago but no breast cancer at all. I AM going to the doctor tomorrow to get it checked out but how can I stop this irrational fear?
Serious answers only please. It may be funny to you but not to me.

A: Talk to a shrink, and get on some meds.

Q: I need more Opinions..Please help!? it is.
These are my symptoms:
~Pain in different parts of my head at same/different time.
~Pain in:
`lower and upper back
`back of my neck
~Loss of breathe when I stand and sometimes even when I just move.
~Loss of appetite(use to eat like a grown man, now I just eat because even though I don't feel like it I know I have to.)
~Muscle spasms
~Sudden chills/warmth
~Pressure/pain in eye
~Double vision
~Headaches(have one right now)
~Excessive sleep(I sleep about 13-15hrs a day and still be tired)
~Sudden upper and sometime full body shakes
~Sudden turn of head
~Ringing in ears..very often.
~a few years ago I woke up in the middle of the night and my hand was numb..and I thought it was because I was sleeping on I waited until it went away...but it didn't...It felt as if it spread...cause like my arm then went numb..and then half of my face..and this was all on just my right side and occurred within minutes...and a few days before that I was in the hospital because I had a elevated heart rate(from a small hole in heart) and the night after that I had the worst headache I have ever had tell this day...I was even crying.
~Like 3months ago I would wake up and it would feel like my whole body was shaking...I would be like half asleep and one time it happened when I was trying to go to sleep.(happened like 4 times)

I know there's way more and I can go into details if you think you might know.

Like is it a whole bunch of different cancers? anxiety?
I'm only 15...Like these things shouldn't be happening to
But seriously my dad wont take me to the doctor and he says I'm just lazy...and he doesn't take anything that happens to me seriously so this is like kinda my last resort into getting him to take me.

i have a hole in my heart...that cause it to do irregular beating....I was on medication for like 6months then decided to stop....I was in PE in 6th grade and was just sitting there and i could feel my heart pounding in my I went the nurse and and she checked my heart rate and it was 286(3x the normal rate)....the doctor said sense it took 11yrs for it to happen..i probably wouldn't have another episode for another 11yrs...but I have had 2 since....I'm suppose to have surgery if it happens again....and the turning of the head is a sudden jolt to the side...there are other people on here who have and it to....I would make up something that wasn't there.

OK I asked this earlier but there are more things I forgot to put in like that people in my family have high blood pressure,diabetes, mom had a hole in her heart, her dad is on a pace maker, her mom dead of stomach cancer, my dads dad has some type of cancer(forgot), his older brother died at 22 or 23 from pancreas(exploded), brother has seizures, sister suffers from back pain, and brothers(2) also had extreme passed out well having one and got into a car crash...and he also has very bad knee I know its not from my head...and I was really starting to believe it was lol...but seriously there's a lot of thing that run in my family! And I had also forgot to mention the breast pain...its like a ripping feel and a think white discharge...and I'm not pregnant. Also I have puffy inverted nipple..and I'm not even sure if I have an areola ..because it's all puffy....and I think I do have anxiety but there really isn't anything I'm afraid of....and does that cause sore scalp and pressure in the head?

Also how do you respond to answers?
To: Memere RN/BA
I decided to stop the medication because I ran out and since I hate swallowing pills I decided not to get the refills....but it's been like 3 1/2 yrs. since the last one....And my joints pop (A LOT) my knee pop when I walk and so do my ankles...what is that?...also It's possible I could be a hypochondriac but to a certain extent ...cause I have had severe pinching pain by my bladder for like 3yrs...and pinching chest pain since I can remember..and my mom wont take me...she keep telling me to tell my dad.....and do you have to be a health freak to be a hypochondriac? Because I'm content w/ dieing you know cause everybody dies I just want to know what doing on in my body so I can fix it while I can.
I'm so confused!!...maybe if i go to the doctor and get everything checked I will feel better but my dad still wont take me to the doctor!

A: Honey, you're only 15 yet when I began reading this, I seriously thought it was an old lady. I thought you were in your late 60's or early 70's. All those aches and pains. I have to ask and don't be angry or insulted OK. Are you a hypochondriac? There's no shame in it. A lot of people suffer from this. OK, I'm going to try and help. First of all about the cancers you mentioned. The majority of cancers are not hereditary. Especially the ones you mentioned. The pain in your bones and muscles could be signs of early arthritis. Children of very young ages do have arthritis.
The chances of you getting breast cancer at your age is out of the question. Breast cancer strikes women in their late 50's, 60's and on. Any earlier and it's considered very young. Yes a younger person can get breast cancer, but I'm talking about in the 30's and in my entire life I only knew of one person to get breast cancer at 33, my sister-in-law. I've been practicing nursing for 30+ yrs and that's the only time I saw that, Actually, I'm retired but my brain didn't retire. So put that out of your head and rest easy. Anxiety, yeah, but you are bringing this on yourself with all this worrying. All those symptoms you wrote down and are worried about, would cause anyone to have anxiety. But you know what, it's also a classic sign of hypochondria. My daughter is a hypochondriac so I know the symptoms. I don't know why your breast would be puffy, unless it's just your hormones. many women have inverted nipples too. Your breast are still developing and will continue to do so for at least another 3 yrs or so. Wait, I just saw in your question that you have a hole in your heart and you decided to stop medication. Honey are you nuts. Does your Doctor know you stopped. You cannot just stop taking a heart medication. That alone explains a lot of what you're feeling, Your dad is wrong, you are not lazy. That hole in your heart can be or is the reason you feel a lot of these things. Why would your dad call you lazy when he knows about your heart? This doesn't make sense. If you were mine, you'd be at that doctor's office so fast your head would spin. I don't know what else to tell you. Talk to your mom. I really don't believe you should have gone off your medication. How long have you been off? You poor kid. You don't deserve this. Keep me posted OK. Take care and God bless.
ADD, Oh sweetheart. 3 1/2 yrs. What are they going to do about your heart? Knee popping is quite common. I'd say about 90% of people worldwide have knee popping. It's just the knee cap rolling around sometimes.or your joint will be slightly misaligned and it will pop back in. Don't worry, it's really nothing. No, you don't have to be a health freak to be a hypochondriac.. The only thing I worry about is you having chest pains. How long since you last saw your Cardiologist? I just wish I could understand your parent's. You know, you could always see the school nurse when you feel chest pains, she will in turn call your parents and tell them they must take you to see your doctor. I know, it's sneaky, but you really need to be seen. Now I'm going to worry all night. Be safe OK. Take care and God bless. You can e-mail me if you want to talk.
ADD, Sorry Brooke, I have a lot more experience in my little finger than you do in your entire body. On top of surviving cancer, I have 3 types of degenerative arthritis, joint and disc disease and you don't think I know how she feels? Get a life and learn

Q: Which Birth Control methods most practiced by women?
Lets exclude the condom from this question since that is usually applied to men.

Women: Which method has been the most comfortable/uncomfortable for you? What side effects have you experienced?

Which do you think is most averted? (Besides Tubal Ligation)

Do you think there is a stigma if a man requires a woman to practice birth control as he does?

Oral Contraceptives

– Also called “the pill,” contains the hormones estrogen and progestin and is available in different hormone dosages. A pill is taken daily to block the release of eggs from the ovaries. Oral contraceptives lighten the flow of your period and can reduce the risk of pelvic inflammatory disease (PID), ovarian cancer, benign ovarian cysts, endometrial cancer, and iron deficiency anemia. It does not protect against STDs or HIV. The pill may add to your risk of heart disease, including high blood pressure, blood clots, and blockage of the arteries, especially if you smoke. If you are over age 35 and smoke, or have a history of blood clots or breast, liver, or endometrial cancer, your doctor may advise you not to take the pill. The pill is 95 to 99.9% effective at preventing pregnancy. Some antibiotics may reduce the effectiveness of the pill in some women. Talk to your doctor or nurse about a back-up method of birth control if she or he prescribes antibiotics.
Most oral contraceptives are swallowed in a pill form. One brand, called Ovcon 35, can either be swallowed or chewed. If it is chewed, you must drink a full glass of liquid immediately after to make sure you get the full dose of medication. There are also extended cycle pills, brand name Seasonale, which have 12 weeks of pills that contain hormones (active) and 1 week of pills that don’t contain hormones (inactive). While taking Seasonale, women only have their period 4 times a year when they are taking the inactive pills. There are many different types of oral contraceptives available, and it is important to talk to your doctor or nurse about which one is best for you. You will need a prescription for oral contraceptives.

The Mini-Pill

– Unlike the pill, the mini-pill only has one hormone, progestin, instead of both estrogen and progestin. Taken daily, the mini-pill thickens cervical mucus to prevent sperm from reaching the egg. It also prevents a fertilized egg from implanting in the uterus (womb). The mini-pill also can decrease the flow of your period and protect against PID and ovarian and endometrial cancer. Mothers who breastfeed can use it because it will not affect their milk supply. The mini-pill is a good option for women who can’t take estrogen, are over 35, or have a risk of blood clots. The mini-pill does not protect against STDs or HIV. Mini-pills are 92 to 99.9% effective at preventing pregnancy if used correctly. The mini-pill needs to be taken at the same time each day. A back-up method of birth control is needed if you take the pill more than three hours late. Some antibiotics may reduce the effectiveness of the pill in some women. Talk to your doctor or nurse about a back-up method of birth control if she or he prescribes antibiotics. You will need to visit you doctor for a prescription and to make sure you are not having problems.

Copper T IUD (Intrauterine Device)

– An IUD is a small device that is shaped in the form of a “T.” Your health care provider places it inside the uterus. The arms of the Copper T IUD contain some copper, which stops fertilization by preventing sperm from making their way up through the uterus into the fallopian tubes. If fertilization does occur, the IUD would prevent the fertilized egg from implanting in the lining of the uterus. The Copper T IUD can stay in your uterus for up to 12 years. It does not protect against STDs or HIV. This IUD is 99% effective at preventing pregnancy. You will need to visit your doctor to have it inserted and to make sure you are not having any problems. Not all doctors insert IUDs so check first before making your appointment.

Progestasert IUD (Intrauterine Device)

–This IUD is a small plastic T- shaped device that is placed inside the uterus by a doctor. It contains the hormone progesterone, the same hormone produced by a woman’s ovaries during the monthly menstrual cycle. The progesterone causes the cervical mucus to thicken so sperm cannot reach the egg, and it changes the lining of the uterus so that a fertilized egg cannot successfully implant. The Progestasert IUD can stay in your uterus for one year. This IUD is 98% effective at preventing pregnancy. You will need to visit your doctor to have it inserted and to make sure you are not having any problems. Not all doctors insert IUDs so check first before making your appointment.

Intrauterine System or IUS (Mirena)

– The IUS is a small T-shaped device like the IUD and is placed inside the uterus by a doctor. Each day, it releases a small amount of a hormone similar to
Grrr some methods got cut off. Oh well.

Congrats on triplets Screamin. Identical?

A: I use the pill as well as condoms. Better safe than sorry.

Some methods such as the mini pill and IUD have been known to cause ectopic pregnancies where the embryo develops in the fallopian tube which can rupture and put the woman in danger of bleeding to death if she doesn't get emergency surgery in time.

Men should always make certain the woman they are sexually intimate with is practicing birth control and they should be using condoms. I expect a man to want to know my bc method and if he didn't ask I would wonder about him.

Q: homework help in human biology:) 5 multiple choice!?
Whats NOT true about translation?
1. occurs in the nucleus
2. ribosome has bonding sites for both tRNA and mRNA
3. there is no anticodon that corresponds to the "stop" codon

Which is NOT true about differentiation?
1. some genes are turned on early in development and then permanently turned off
2. differentiation is caused by expression of different genes in different cells
3. due to selective gene expression, adult cells are more vulnerable to genetic damage than fetal cells

How does a proto-oncogene differ from an oncogene?
1.proto-oncogenes control normal cell division; oncogenes contribute to the development of cancer
2.proto-oncogenes cause cells to self-destruct when damaged; oncogenes cause damaged cells to repair themselves
3.oncogenes activate tumor suppressor genes; proto-oncogenes repress tumor suppressor genes

A mutated form of the p53 gene has been identified in tumors of all of the following types of cancer except...

last one..
Which of the following is not true regarding the immune system and cancer?
1. because cancer cells are the individual's cells, there is no way for the immune system to differentiate between normal cells and cancer cells
2. some cancer cells produce abnormal proteins on their cell surfaces that the immune system can use to detect these cells.
3. many cancer cells do not display "self" proteins

A: search google man.

Q: How to avoid coming off as a know it all?
I absolutely love facts and researching things. I watch documentaries for fun, I'm into politics. I know all this weird information from obscure history facts, to different cultures, medical disorders etc. I just love facts and learning about stuff. I'm not the kind of person who tries to get smart to rub it into people's faces because I'm insecure (I've met that type, Blegh!). But I think I come off that way to people sometimes, because when I hear something that isn't correct, I have to comment on it. For example, today at the market, I was with my sister, at the checkout, and I saw one of those little breast cancer items. So I said to her "You know women who actually have breast cancer don't like all that stuff." my sister said why, I said "For one it sexualizes breast cancer, it's a way for companies to talk about breasts and sell sex without selling sex. Second, sometimes no money, or hardly any from purchasing the product goes to actual breast cancer research, they would much rather you write a check to an actual breast cancer foundation" The cashier than said to me "Where did you hear that" I responded "Online, I like looking things up" he said "What website" I said "Netflix, Penn&Teller Bullsh*t, the Breast episode."
I think I came off sounding like a show off to him. I won't say things to people if it's personal. For example, a friend said "Ooh, I wish I had a teacup puppy" I didn't tell her "There is no such thing as teacup puppies, they are just backyard breeders breeding two runts together. They are always sickly, and usually die within two years. No real breeder would breed an animal like that, it's animal cruelty." Or if my friend orders burger king, I don't say "You know that meal probably has over 1,000 calories in it". I don't lecture people on their own business. I only talk about stuff if it comes up in conversation, or if I see something like the breast cancer stuff.
RainDog: I'm not sure you read my post correct, those were example of things I do not do.
Dee: Yeh, I have a "If it doesn't effect me, I don't care" policy with other people. It's your body, it's your life, I don't give an opinion on it unless you ask me for one.
Kitty: LOL, no need to get heated. My aunt has breast cancer, so for me it's a bit personal. And I'm pretty sure slogans like "save the tatas" and pictures of women wearing nothing but a pink ribbon on their breasts, are a teeny, tiny bit about breasts.

A: I think what you're doing is fine. As long as you're not talking down to people and patronizing them for NOT knowing things or getting involved in personal issues before they've asked your opinion, then sharing information is perfectly fine, I think!
Anyone who would get offended at that has problems that have nothing to do with you.

Q: Prayerfully, medical scientists or doctors that believe in God or don’t or any believer will answer this query
God please touch the hearts & minds of the disbelievers to not answer if they don’t have anything truly constructive to say.
I believe that a believer in God is the best equipped to answer.
Hence the reason I post here
Deuteronomy c 22 v 11 Thou shalt not wear a garment of divers sorts, as of woollen and linen together.

According to the Oxford Dictionary, 'divers’ means ‘varying types’

I’m a firm believer that to this day EVERY thou shalt not that God spoke has meaning whether we know understand or adhere to it or not.
With so many different articles of clothing made of various materials, natural & man-made that we wear these days & in particular for this query; could the wearing of undergarments, i.e. panties & brassieres be a possible reason why & cause of breast & cervical cancer?
In men, there is prostate cancer.
Could the wearing of underpants be a possible reason why or cause of prostate cancer in men?
Brian F’s answer implies that there have been tests done re the subject of undergarments causing breast or cervical cancer.
Have there been?
Also, Tricia G28 mentioned a connection between the aforementioned cancers being a claim.
It is a question...NOT A CLAIM.
In light of all these incurable ailments and diseases that affect mankind. I would think that TRUE scientists would investigate any idea...
Not to be judgmental but Harihara S sounds somewhat arrogant with the statement that “It is high time the GOD the almighty reveals the meanings of his own words in a divine Dictionary.”
As stated, He IS GOD, The Almighty and being God, The Almighty it is HIS prerogative when, where, how and with what He reveals the things that we don’t understand.
I believe that Eric S is STILL A BELIEVER.
I pray that God helps Him to find his way.

A: hard to answer. i think the old scriptures were written in a time where disease was much more present as well. the pork thing, the unleavened bread, the diverse clothing, it all fits in. my interpretation is that it is more a reference to clean living more than a literal thing. take any thing from modern life and insert it: smoking, drugs, etc.. if a new bible were written, i think there would be modern items to take the place of the archaic references, but the meaning would be left intact.

Q: Which is more important?
The initial cancer diagnosis...or the diagnosis after chemo treatments?

It seems my wife is doing well with her chemo in fighting the breast cancer it has been after 5 sessions with 7 more to go with one type of chemo then 12 weeks on taxol. MRI will be done at the end of it. Initially she had stage 2B breast cancer with evidence of it spreading to the nobes...after 5 treatments an MRI was done and there was no evidence of cancer in the nobes and it was reduced. So I am sure her initial stage is now different and will be different once chemo is completed. So, would it be a "new stage"?

A: Well, they are both important, but the initial diagnosis is more important as it helps determine prognosis and the results of the tests determine treatment. I stage cancer for a living and it is not restaged after treatment if she was a stage 2 at diagnosis that is her stage. The only time it is “restaged” is if it recurs or progresses. You should also know stage 2 breast cancer is broken into two categories, stage 2A and 2B.

Although the stage is important, right now the most important thing is how your wife is responding to treatment and it sounds like she is doing well, congratulations! You didn’t mention hormone treatment. Your wife’s cancer should have been tested for hormone receptors. Although it does not affect the stage patients with these receptors have a better prognosis than those who don’t, so you may want to check into this. Best wishes to you both.

Q: Nipple rash? whats it from!?
Well I'm 15 and I've got a rash like thing on my breast... It's on my right breast. and on my nipple is like. Dry. skin? It makes my whole breast itchy sometimes. I've had it for over a month now, Don't say doctor. You're wasting your breath. I can't go to a doctor. My parent's refuse to take me to a doctor. they say there's nothing wrong with me. Just like they tell me I don't have an iron deficiency. I do. I don't get any iron in my diet. Could that be causing this rash thing? my nipples abit shimmery.. only where the dry skins come off. It's got better. but its like it can't heal past this point... The dry skin sticks to my bra and when i have to fix up my boobs *bra too small* The skin gets ripped off. All my bra's are too small too.. Could that be causing it?
I also started a different type of Birth control pill about two months ago, could this be a side effect?
I've heard cancer starts like this, But I get no pain and there's no lumps in my breast.. There's abit of yellowy stuff in my bra but I'm pretty sure its the dry, dead skin.
I've tried moisturising creams and stuff, but it hasn't seemed to help.

Open to any suggestions. Thanks

A: i would need to see a picture for further evaluation.


Q: Why has my period lasted 20 days?
I'm generally pretty reular... period comes every 26 days, lasts 5-7 days. Over the last few months, there have been some weird changes and I'm getting a bit worried. I'm going to the GYN in the morning, but wanted to get some ideas of questions to ask/things to think about, etc...

In September, my period was a few days late. I don't remember if it lasted longer than usual I was on vacation, so I just chalked it up to the change in my daily schedule.

In October, my period was on time and seemed to last the usual 7 days. M husband and I had sex the day I thought my period had ended and I started again the next morning and bled for another 3 days. It wasn't very heavy, but was more than just spotting.

In November, my period was extremely late... the latest it has ever been: 11 days late. I took numerous pregnancy tests, all negative. Had blood tests done (HCG quant and qual) and both said negative. Took a test the morning I was going to the GYN and got faint positive. Got to the GYN and had another negative. I started spotting that day, but it was different. Rather than red blood, I was spotting black with some stringy type stuff. That lasted for about 4 days and then it was like a flood for a few days, then back to the black spotting.

I started only a couple of days late this month, but it has been very, very light. It was brown/black spotting for a few days, then brown/black spotting mixed with red blood for a few days, then back to brown/black spotting for a few days. Yesterday, I started getting some red spotting again. After going for a short walk this afternoon, I got slightly heavier red blood, almost like my period was starting. Now I have hardly any red/brown spotting with some normal cervical discharge. I also started getting some mild pain in my ovary yesterday.

I have a history of ovarian cysts, which started after I had my left ovary removed due to an abscess. This pain almost feels like a cyst, but not quite. It's more like ovulation pain. I haven't had any fever. I have had pretty consistent cramping and pressure in my lower abdomen. (Cramps are about a 3 on a scale of 1-10) I've been able to run and walk with no obvious complications other than tonight, which I think was a coincidence.

I am 35 and not on birth control. (I refuse to take it due to the history of breast cancer in my family and I get worse cysts while taking it and have horrid side effects) I went through IVF over a year ago and was told that I am probably going into perimenopause due to having my ovary removed. (FSH was pretty high and I only got one egg which died within an hour).

I'm pretty concerned and am convinced I'm having hot flashes and all sorts of other symptoms,but I really think this is psychosomatic... I'm just so worried I'm causing symptoms.

Anyone have any thoughts? Any experience with anything like this?

And please, educated responses only. No smartasses, please.
I do exercise regularly and often, but I've been doing that for 5 years now... seems odd that it would just now be causing issues... ugh,this is frustrating! Hopefully there will be a non-scary answer in the morning.
also took an hpt this morning... bfn as suspected

A: trust me i have had my period for three weeks also, and it sucks. my friend told me that it was because i excersice a lot, that makes the period flow, no one knows why, at least i dont. sorry i wasnt a big help. :]

Q: Why do I care so much about my 2 friends? How can I get over it?
Okay so 2 days ago I had this smoothie that my mom brought to me. One of my friends kept asking me how it tasted and the other(friend #2) was laughing. I just said it tasted good and left it @ that. The next friend # 3 told me that friend #1 had put pepperoni's and crap inside my smoothie. I didnt notice because #1 had dipped them all in, stirred them around and taken them all out. I told her that what she did was retarded(my bad ik) and that she was really stupid. Then she got mad @ me and refused to talk to me for the rest of the day (about 2hrs or so) That night i spent my time feeling mad and angry but i couldnt shake the feeling of thinking about the incident over and over and OVER again. Today we still weren't friends and I HATED her guts but i couldn't shake the feeling of thinking about her. I kept thinking over. I would think: "Woow #1 is such a jerk" and "I HATE #1" but i never actually stopped thinking about it. We started to be friends around
2nd recess, and i was a lot happier. Then after gym I mention 2 friend #1 and friend #2 that i needed help unbraiding my braids. About 20 minutes before the final bell rang, friend #1 walks up to me and says: "So when can me and #2 come over? I'm still mad at you" and I'm like WTF(in my head of course) and I said: "Why are YOU still mad?" and she said: "B.c you called me stupid" and i said: "Yeah well you put all this crap in my drink!" and her: "we didnt actually put it in there?" me: "Yeah well that joke was stupid and immature!!" her: "No you just don't like jokes" there's a lot more but i don't feel like typing it all.

What friend #2 did, refused to talk to me for no apparent reason, she also only talked to #1. she new about the prank and didnt tell me.

I just want to know why i seem to care so much about them I hate the BOTH SO much. Is there anything i can do to make them feel so totally awful about themselves? I just want to ignore them, but my other friends are with them too. I just don't understand why someone would act like that. ESPECIALLY #2 i was always there for her. even when her mom passed away from breast cancer, #1 turned it into some sick joke.

Is there anything thing i can do?

> Make them HATE themselves for being mean to me
> make them feel guilty?

If i hang out w/ a different crowd, will that make them feel like i think crap about them?

I'm in Gr.8 and please do not say anything about this being stupid

A: you should find new friends. friends that treat u like that are not worth having.

Q: What will the western world look like in a few generations?
I'm confused and I'll explain. I don't think we will be a genderless society, because women have an idea of what a real man is, which is not the feminine type. But at the same time there's less and less room for men to be men, so where will men end up? Women are very protective of their gender identity and territory, but have no problem crossing into male gender territory. It's just choices for women. I mean how many women would tolerate their bf or husbands wearing dresses and being pampered princesses? Yet women tell men they have no right to expect anything from a woman. She has a right to choose whatever she wants and your controlling her if you disapprove and she should leave you.

Often women say, why are men so threatened by a strong independent woman? I guess it would be for the same reasons women wouldn't tolerate your husbands sporting lip gloss. He's a pervert and I'm afraid to leave him with the kids. I've seen this exact situation on the Marriage/divorce section. Men are shamed into giving up their place being called sexist pigs, but women defend their gender territory.

The media showers women for their accomplishments and even when women act in a negative way it's softened to not really being her fault. She was abused by her ex-husband. The media doesn't really focus on the accomplishments of men they just but the spotlight on the worst examples of men.

What will the western world be like in a few generations for the young men? There's a huge male prison population, but Breast Cancer has it's own awareness month, government funding, and postage stamp. If the current trend continues Men will likely only make up 25 or 30 precent of colleges and the workforce. Additionally, what kind of self-esteem will these men have with all the hatred and anti-male messages in the media, you know Pigs and Dogs and why is it so popular to give angry man-hating women national talkshows. NOW would attack any public male figure that openly called women Whores and C*nts. Men have been neutered by anti-male laws and an anti-male government.

It really sucks and I'm glad I grew up in a different time and will not see the end result for men in my lifetime.
******** Amaira *******

If you can live with a boy cut, I think you can have your own Talkshow when Oprah Retires.

Your the perfect example of hatred to men. Sex drive is important to men but by far not the only thing.

With such strong feelings against men, I can see how you would feel accepted, and more of a fit in a nice lesbian relationship. Just learn to live with the boy cut.
****** Blue beards wife *****

Back in those times you still had the foundation of society which was family. That's the difference.

Decades ago people said your destroying the middle class by outsourcing jobs to low wage countries. The thought being sure we get cheaper goods but who has the money to buy even cheap good when we have high unemployment and a massive working poor class.

Everything isn't just propaganda and hype. 2 + 2 will always = 4.

A: yeah, im glad i wont be around to find out.

Q: Is it a test he is failing?
We've been together ever since Drs told me not a very good news about my mom's illness and I came to him crying. He was very supportive all the time, loving and caring. This feeling felt by him and his readiness to be there for me was the kept our relationships for 3 years. Of course we had ups and downs but always found a way out to solve.

A few upredicted events seem to have turned our doubtless love around. First, he bought a book about how to seduce women and started behaving differently, following the book's instructions, I guess. I personally find such books worthless, the same type as for women "how to become bitches", just creating a tough senseless figure that screws up everything and people religously read them. For me the most important ingredient in our relationship was sincerity, humility and his ability to feel me when I'm under pressure. Well, I came stressed once and he tried to behave as tough as his book teaches. It was actually a meaningless joke I could have ignored easily. But under my own tiredness and overwhelmed state, I reacted not very nicely and acted weird when he started playing a senseless macho. We worked it out and became normal again.

Then, another life turning event came up. Drs found another lump in mom's breast after 3 years, also a few in her lymphnodes in ultrasound. Now I'm waiting for the next appointments with the Drs. At this point I was in desperate need for his initial warmth and care, when he used to say "I love you", "We'll get through this together", etc. But having heard this news he started acting really strange. He just shut himself off and said he needs time for himself to think things through. Whenever I want to talk to him, he asks me to give him time to be alone.

At this time when I need a strong shoulder to lean to, why is it so that I keep bugging him and asking what's wrong with him? In comparison to me he doesn't have any serious problems on his front.

The only thing I'm guessing is that we were going to get married in 2-3 months. Our wedding had been postponed many times due to different reasons. Is he getting bitter about this or is it something different?

I really feel like dumping him alltogether now and moving on with my mom's battle with cancer. I just can't help thinking that he is unable to continue the road with me. Please correct me if I'm wrong. Thanks!

A: It's hard to deal with terminal illness. He was there initially for you, but it may be a little bit too much for him to handle now.

There does need to be a little tough love along with being supportive.

This wedding has been postponed several times and one has to wonder what could have been so important as to delay it.

You talk about 'dumping' him, so basically he's been there for you, but you're not there for him. What you could do instead is move in your mom, which would be a wonderful thing for you to do for her, keep your relationship up with your boyfriend, and depending on how your mother's problem turns out, you might still have a future together.

Q: Medical condition involved with asymmetrical breasts?
I've asked SO many similar questions and I've been getting the same answers like "Oh it's totally normal"... but I really haven't met anyone with my issue, and I'm assuming it's not normal.

Before you tell me to go see a doctor, I have a consultation with a plastic surgeon on monday to get it examined, and I already met with my regular doctor yesterday.

This is my issue: One of my breasts is a B cup. One is a D. .... I know that it's OKAY to be asymmetrical, and even a cup difference is understandable... but I am TWO cup sizes different. Is there a medical condition involved that would cause the asymmetry? My family has NO history of cancers, tumors, things of that nature... so it'd be odd and I don't think it's the reason.

I'm trying to see if I can get my insurance to cover an operation where I could just get my left breast reduced... and the only way they will cover it is if there's some type of medical reason that would resume if I didn't. I do have shoulder pain in my left shoulder, some minor breathing problems, and the fact that I can't wear any bra but a sports bra because the right breast falls out when I'm walking, or either the bra will dig into my rib cage so bad that it causes me to bleed through my shirt.

I am honestly really depressed about this. Help!? (I'm 19 years old if that helps)

A: I completely understand. I have the same problem people always tell me my boobs are different sizes but only if you look really close. They dont have the same problem because you dont have to look really close to see the difference mine is REALLY obvious. I went to a doctor and she examined them and told me there was nothing wrong and it was normal. So insurance wont cover it and if I want it fixed I have to pay.